A three-plane diagram modeled after the process used by the NSF Engineering Research Center (NSF-ERC), illustrates the fundamental knowledge base and enabling technologies necessary to invoke changes at the systems level for the Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center. At the top level, we are developing three systems (ground, underground, and aerial systems) through technology integration for field-based HTP to achieve predicting phenotypes from genotypes. The technology base includes: unmanned ground/aerial robots, deep learning, multiscale modeling, new sensing technologies such as terahertz imaging and x-ray fluorescence imaging for root sensing, and genetic analysis tools such as GWAS and QTL. At the fundamental level, the knowledge base includes: plant genetics and genomics, plant breeding, plant physiology, plant biochemistry and chemistry, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, robotics science, statistics, geospatial sciences, and optics.

pprp graph of organization