Graduate Student Research Poster Contest

The Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center (PPRC) is organizing a Graduate Student Research Poster Contest in conjunction with its Symposium in September. The Symposium will be held in person and hybrid at the Georgia Center on Friday, September 17, 2021, from 1:00-6:30 PM (PPRC Fall 2021 Symposium Registration – Phenomics and Plant Robotics Center). The poster session will last 1 hour, from 1:00-2:00 PM, and the students are expected to stand by their posters during that time. The posters will be displayed in a socially distanced room and face masks are encouraged.


The Graduate Student Research Poster Contest is open to any graduate student whose research topic is related to phenomics, precision agriculture, precision livestock, and new technologies applied to agriculture (robotics, AI, VR…). The posters will be on display in a designated area at the Georgia Center during the Symposium organized by the PPRC. $400 cash prizes will be awarded for the best posters. The contestants will be required to be present to discuss their research with interested attendees and answer questions posed by the judges. The judging team will be formed by faculty members from representative departments of the PPRC.


Registration form (due on September 10, 2021):

Registered contestants are asked to submit a printed copy of their poster by the deadline of Wednesday, September 15, 2021. The posters will be hung up by the poster session organizers. Please deliver the printed copy of your poster to the Bio-Sensing and Instrumentation Lab, Boyd Grad. Studies Research Center, Room 702 by the deadline.


Organizing Committee: 

Javier Rodriguez

Daniel Petti

Anton Franzluebbers

For additional information, please contact us.


Funding Support:

Department of Plant Pathology.


Poster Presentation Guidelines  

Registered students will present their research in a poster session to showcase their work at the Georgia Center the day of the Symposium.

Display Materials for the poster may be pre-printed as one single sheet. Posters for the contest must include and or meet the following standards:

  • Poster dimensions (landscape format): 48” wide x 36″ high.
  • The Title should be at least one inch (72 pts) in height. The student’s name should be included and should be (48 pts). All other lettering should be in 24-point font size. (Point size is suggested size only).
  • The poster should be balanced and organized in a logical, sequential order.
  • Keep the amount of text to a minimum. There should be more emphasis on graphics, tables, charts, and graphs.
  • All materials must be prepared and “poster ready” in advance of arriving.

The judges will evaluate the poster and presentation on a set of criteria and rank them accordingly. Each poster will be judged by at least 3 judges. The final score will be the average of all scores provided by the judges. Posters will be publicly displayed for peers and guests during the symposium. A popular vote will be given by the attendees.

Competition winners will be announced at the end of the symposium.


Additional Resources 

Students are free to use any template of their choice. Helpful template sources: Free Research Poster Templates Scientific Poster PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft Office Poster Templates

Graduate School Free Poster Printing Service

WHO PARTICIPATES? UGA graduate students.


TOPICS: Phenomics, precision agriculture, precision livestock, and new technologies applied to agriculture (robotics, AI, VR…).


LOCATION & DATE: Georgia Center Masters Hall. September 17, 2021, 1-2 PM



1st place – $150

2nd place – $100

3rd place – $75

4th place – $75



The entries will be judged based on:

  1. Poster appearance
  2. Content (Objectives, Methodology, Results, Discussion)
  3. Quality of the delivery during the Q/A session