The mission of the Center is to address a major grand challenge facing humanity: to feed and sustain a growing human population amidst increasing climate variability and less arable land.

The Center fosters and supports:
1) interdisciplinary collaboration and convergence between plant breeding/genomics, plant biomass characterization, engineering, and computational sciences to propel UGA into a global leadership position in phenomics and plant robotics;
2) education and training to provide interdisciplinary experiences that target the need for cross-trained scientists at the interface of plant science and technology;
3) outreach and partnership building between academia and industry to accelerate technology adoption.

Center goals, specific outcomes, and measures of success

The fundamental goal of the Center is to develop robotics technologies to accelerate the application of genome information in the improvement of plants that produce food, fuel, feed, and fiber. The P2RC will accelerate fundamental and applied plant science with breakthrough developments in engineering and computational sciences as well as enable UGA to attack scientific questions that cannot be carried out at other institutions that lack close integration of plant and engineering sciences.

The long-term goals of the P2RC are to propel UGA into a global leadership position in the high-impact area of phenomics and plant robotics, and to provide interdisciplinary educational programs to train the next generation of scientists and workforce.

The P2RC will leverage UGA’s world-class plant sciences portfolio (e.g., Plant Center, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center), as well as plant robotics/sensing, and the new Georgia Informatics Institutes to create a nucleus for interdisciplinary collaboration and convergence of sciences.

The P2RC will enhance our visibility and create new opportunities for extramural funding from private and federal sources. It will also seek to establish international collaborations with phenomics centers in Europe, Australia, and Asia.